Of Myths and Men: Mark Lynas and the Intoxicating Power of Technocracy

TechnocracyWhen the legend becomes fact, print the legend

Eric Holt-Giménez, Common Dreams, February 5, 2013

Why do certain people and ideas suddenly capture the limelight while others go unnoticed? Others seem never to go away… The recent ascent of environmental writer Mark Lynas to prominence in the debate on genetically modified crops (GMOs) is a lesson in the power of myths.

In a broadly-aired speech at the Oxford Farming Conference, Mr. Lynas publicly apologized for once destroying GMO crops while at Greenpeace. His recent discovery of “science,” he said gave him no choice but to support the pro-GMO cause. He accused GMO naysayers of exacerbating hunger. Though he was promptly skewered by his former environmental allies, his dramatic conversion has been loudly celebrated by the champions of agro-industry. Continue lendo