Anonymous – Declaration of Supercedence

Greetings. Fellow Citizens of all nations.
We, as anonymous we like to take this time to offer this Declaration of Super Cedence,
To this end, we will continue to make every effort to focus our direct attention and address the obsolete and irrelevant political and economic system that have created this global crisis.

We So Declare:
We are a planet at war with itself. We are not here to fight.
We have acknowledged the time has come, to surrender.
We surrender all systems that have failed to sustain our survival.

We So Declare:
We acknowledge that the current political system of checks and
balances are broken beyond the repair of traditional voting and representation.
We will NOT, participate with any system that is, unsustainable.

We So Declare:
We are here to supersede. We can form a new Global Autonomous Collective.
A Global Consensus, that is designed to provide A sustainable,
peaceful and cooperative coexistence with all life.

We So Declare:
We, as a nation of supercedence, have acknowledged that our right to self governance
is a continual dynamic process of the emergent reality of self expression.

We So Declare:
Therefore, the choice of self participation will be given many meanings by many individuals,
by which the many, will choose to remain anonymous.

We so Declare:
We all have a choice. We can be part of the problem or part of the solution.
The choice is yours. The time has come to Wage Peace.

We so Declare:
We are a global uprising.
We are a cry form the heart of the world.
We can succeed.
Occupy Earth.

We so Declare:
If the government shuts Down the Internet, the internet will shut down the government.
We are united by one, dived by zero. Knowledge is freedom.

We so Declare:
We are not afraid. We are not alone. We are everywhere. We are the future.
We are the 99 percent.

We so Declare:
We are anonymous. We are legion. We DO not forgive. We DO not forget.
Expect. us.


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